Book News: October 21st, 1999

Donald G. KrauseThere are many theories of leadership. Some may be very good indeed, but none of them has passed the test of time. On the other hand, the wisdom contained in this book, time and again over 2500 years, has worked and continues to work. The first chapter, “The character of leadership”, is an introduction to the leadership philosophy of Sun Tzu and Confucius as it applies to business. The next seven chapters guide the reader through the seven principles of leadership which work together to form the character of an ideal leader. These seven principles are: self-discipline, purpose, accomplishment, responsibility, knowledge, leadership and example (SPARKLE). Each chapter contains a discussion of how famous leaders throughout recent history successfully applied the principle under discussion to achieve personal or organizational success.

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing. ISBN: 1-85788-137-0.

Paperback. 7 pounds 99p.