Book News: November 8th, 1999

by Arun Maira and Peter B. Scott-MorganPeople are any organization’s principal enablers or disablers of change. Not processes. Not technology. That’s the uncomplicated – some would say radical – premise at the heart of this book. And it will show you how pragmatically embracing the human face of change not only generates results and improves performance but also builds an accelerating organization that thrives in a world in which rapid and unpredictable change has become the norm. Based on the far-reaching and forward-thinking curriculum of the executive education programs being conducted by Arthur D. Little and Innovation Associates, The Accelerating Organization offers a balanced, holistic approach to managing change that recognizes the vital importance of intelligently designed structures … and of the capacity of people to learn and respond effectively to whatever happens.

Published by Wiley. ISBN 007 057720X. 17.47 US Dollars.