Book News: December 14th, 1999

Horst Bergmann, Kathleen Hurson and Darlene Russ-Eft,Based on a landmark research study involving 2,000 people from 450 organizations across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, Everyone a Leader explores those critical moments in time in which people step forward into leadership. Its engaging, first-person stories and anecdotes highlight the small, often overlooked turning points in an organization’s daily life. The authors describe what can happen when someone sees a chance to lead and takes it, or lets it pass by. Groundbreaking in its discoveries, Everyone a Leader shows how each person has the potential to be a leader and offers a glimpse at how an organization might look if leadership were present at every level.

Published by Wiley ISBN: 0-471-19763-7. Hardcover, 256 pp. Price: 24 US
Dollars 95c.