Book News: May 12th, 2000

The Audit Commission report reveals wide variations in what people are charged for home help services and how councils manage charges. It found charging policies in some areas leave some people with less to live on than the income support level appropriate for people of their age. The report also shows how financial arrangements can create incentives for managers to move people into residential homes when they could remain in their own homes. The report calls on the Government to provide more guidance for councils and it calls on councils to use best value reviews to improve the management of charges.Contacts for further information: Tanya Croft, Barney Wyld, Susan Allsopp or Adrian Roxan on 020 7838 4848.

Charging with Care: How Councils Charge for Home Care. ISBN 1 86240 222 1 is available from Audit Commission Publications on 0800 502030, priced 20 pounds.