Book News: November 22nd, 2000

Kakabadse A, Kakabadse NBrings a practical edge to leadership theory. Discusses all the issues which contribute to an understanding of leadership, including: the functions of transactional and transformational leadership; today’s reality which is characterized by fragmentation; diversity of stakeholders and also of agendas; the discordant balance between accountabilities and responsibilities; the significance of culture in shaping the leader’s role; the impact of power and the role of politics; the influence of traits and of determination (‘born to be great’ versus ‘ I strove hard and achieved it alone’); and the influence of demographics, including that of gender and ethnicity. . Contains a chapter on ‘Developing leaders’ which lacks focus and provides no clear recommendations. Contains, nevertheless, much to expand even a knowledgeable reader’s perception of leadership.

Publisher: International Thomson Business Press. Price: 21 pounds 99p.

ISBN: 1861523688