Book News: January 10th, 2001

Proctor TSidesteps theoretical discussions which definitions and theories invite, to concentrate on what managers can do to become more creative when addressing the challenges they face. Discusses the role of creativity in organisations and blocks to creativity, and provides an overview of several theories of creativity. Offers a framework for the exploration of techniques for stimulating creativity, which consists of objective finding; fact finding; problem finding; idea finding; solution finding; and acceptance finding. Discusses morphological analysis, brainstorming variations, lateral thinking, synectics, computer-assisted problem solving and, somewhat tangentially, evaluation (of creative ideas) and implementing of ideas. Includes plenty of examples and diagrams to illustrate techniques. Does not, however, offer a ‘royal road’ to creative problem solving. Does not constitute an easy read, nor are its examples always as relevant as one would wish.

Publisher: Routledge. ISBN: 0415196795. Price: 37 US Dollars. 99c