Book News: April 30th, 2001

Marsick V J, Watkins K EAddresses the process of creating and maintaining a learning organization. Focuses on the facilitation process, rather than presenting any new models of the learning organization. Approaches three action technologies such as action research, action learning and action science, and partnership between line managers and human resource professionals. Outlines an iterative change cycle-diagnosis, visioning change, building alignment around the vision, framing and implementing collaborative experiments, monitoring outcomes and reframing new experiments. Discusses the use of a diagnostic instrument, dimensions of the learning organization questionnaire (DLOQ) to create conversation in an organization on where to begin a change process. Explores how knowledge is created and managed in organizations, and how facilitators can help an organization create a system of practice for using its knowledge.

Publisher: Gower. ISBN: 0566080397. Price: 45 pounds.