Book News: July 6th, 2001

A report by a think tank of local authority chief executives and senior managers, led by James Hehir, President of Solace and Chief Executive of Ipswich Borough Council, supported and sponsored by Zurich Municipal Management Services, BT and Oracle.The report offers practical guidance for implementing e-Government at a local level. It urges that e-government should be viewed as a fully integrated element of the thinking and activities of local councils. Changing the culture to achieve this involves re-examining the council’s vision, mission and values and devising strategies focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness. Sound business processes need to be adopted to examine the organisational structure and its work with local partners. The role and responsibilities of council managers need to be reviewed to ensure that the risks associated with any changes are properly managed. It warns of the need to understand the council’s capability and to examine how the council, its staff and infrastructure are able to cope with the demands of online service delivery.

Published by Society of Local Authority Chief Executives  <