Book News: August 29th, 2001

Gerard DelantyDrawing from current debates in social theory about the changing nature of knowledge, this book offers the most comprehensive sociological theory of the university that has yet appeared. The famous philosophical conceptions of the university from the Enlightenment to postmodern thought are discussed along with the major writings in modern social theory on the university, such as those of Weber, Parsons Habermas, Gadmer, Lyotard and Bourdieu. Delanty views the university as a key institution of modernity and as the site where knowledge, culture and society interconnect. Arguing against the notion of the demise of the university, his argument is that in the knowledge society of today a new identity for the university is emerging based on communication and new conceptions of citizenship.

Published by the Open University Press. ISBN 0 335 20578 X. 19 pounds 99p. <