Book News: January 21st, 2002

By Valerie ArchibaldThis second edition draws on real-life experience to provide an up-to-the minute, clear and practical introduction to the subject. Resource Accounting represents a fundamental change to the way Government Departments, Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) report on their spending and achievements. It includes case studies as well as changes in the process resulting from the production of the first set of accounts. The foreword is written by the head of the Government Accounting Service, Sir Andrew Likierman, who says: “Those who know little about the new form of accounts will need to know enough to understand what they offer, and what they can ask of professionals”.

Available from the CMPS Civil Service College Library on 01344 634371. ISBN 0-9536688-1-9. Price 14 pounds 94p.