Book News: January 24th, 2002

By Patricia Keehley, Steven Medlin, Sue MacBride, Laura LongmireFor leading companies in the private sector, benchmarking has become a major catalyst for change and a key tool for gathering information from competitors and process leaders, as well as from within. Benchmarking for
Best Practices in the Public Sector is a unique practical guide that shows public officials and administrators at all levels of government how to identify the best practices and implement them in their organizations. Using real case examples from federal, state, and local governments, this book displays how benchmarking methods have been adapted to the unique needs of the public sector and describes the tangible benefits gained by public agencies that have applied these techniques. Offers detailed how-to advice along with checklists, flowcharts, sample forms, a resource directory, and other tools to help managers take action quickly.

ISBN: 0-787-90299-3. Hardcover 251 Pages. Published by Jossey-Bass. 32.00 US dollars

The recent Public Services Productivity Panel report “Role of External Review in Improving Performance”, by Sir Ian Byatt and Sir Michael Lyons, can be found at the Panel’s web site