Book News: February 25th, 2002

By Matthew Horne and Daniel Stedman JonesThe UK needs to recruit and develop growing numbers into management and leadership positions. One recent estimate puts the annual demand for new managers at around 400,000 between now and 2006. Recent developments in leadership theory and practice have emphasised the growing complexity of leadership. The increasing role of values, communication and interpersonal relationships and the central importance of responding to and shaping continuous change challenge all those in leadership positions. This report provides a ‘reality check’ of leadership in UK organisations. It examines the perceptions and experiences of managers from the private, public and voluntary sectors. It looks in depth at what they think good leadership should involve, and asks whether their experiences fit with their ideals and preferences. The report addresses the question of how leadership potential is best developed and the effectiveness of particular development tools.

This report is produced by the Institute of Management, in association with Demos. ISBN 0 85946 321 4. Price 50 pounds.