Book News: March 18th, 2002

As workplace violence continues to rise and incidents become more regular and more violent, conflict in the workplace has become a serious issue for both the employee and the employer. No employee is immune from workplace violence, indeed a survey suggests a potential for some 500,000 instances of verbal abuse; 80,000 threats of physical assault; 2,700 instances of assault with a weapon, occurring each year and no employer can totally prevent it. The cost to an organisation can be staggering, as a single incident can have huge repercussions. The information in the publication is intended for use by employers seeking to provide a safe and healthful working environment through effective violence prevention programmes. It covers a wide range of topics from risk assessment, and conflict recognition and prevention, to strategy development, programme implementation/delivery, and monitoring and evaluation.Published by the Lawrence Allison Group and available free by telephone from: 020 7957 4344 or