Book News: April 29th, 2002

By Patricia W. Ingraham, James R. Thompson and Ronald P. SandersThis insider’s guide reveals the key lessons for managing reform being learned from the US Government’s Reinventing Government program. Leaders will discover that success will be evident not in major, sweeping changes but in a series of small, but important signs. The contributors present strategic issues for change, discussing why the current bureaucratic model of organizing is ill-suited to today’s challenges and identifying what will replace it. They explore the tactics for change in public organizations, examining the repercussions of change for employees, identifying success factors for change, and examining the crucial role leadership plays in successful change. Transforming Government presents a look into the future of public organizations and sage advice on how to implement change effectively to succeed in that future.

Published by Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 0-787-90931-9. 33.00 US dollars.