Book News: August 6th, 2002

By Dr Peter Honey
This new book from a leading occupational therapist says the victims of their failings have to look at their own behaviour first. Problem people are usually six of one and half a dozen of the other. Behaviour breeds behaviour. Through your behaviour pattern you may, quite unintentionally, be triggering a behaviour pattern in someone else that is for you a problem. Dr Honey defines 50 of the most common problem people, from the intimidator to the kowtower, through the boaster to the bore, the manipulator to the worrier, the perfectionist to the scatterbrained and the gossip to the secretive. Then he suggests four different options in dealing with them, examining the effect of just doing nothing then moving to ways of changing the situation. People problems waste time and money, create unnecessary stress and distort decisions because working practices are often designed to accommodate, appease or marginalize problem people. The good news is that they also make life more interesting, provide splendid learning opportunities and test your people skills.

Published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. ISBN 0 85292 888. Price 14 pounds 99. Available from Publications Department on 020 8263 3387.