Book News: August 14th, 2002

By Margo MurrayThe phenomenon of the use of mentoring in today’s society is definitely at a juncture where it needs to be developed as a comprehensive discipline. Ms. Murray’s Facilitated Mentoring Model provides the critical link for private and public sector mentoring. This new edition provides the blueprint, tools, and resources to create a successful facilitated mentoring process. For many individuals and organizations who work directly with people, the concept of mentoring, of developing potential makes good sense, but too often the problem is how to accomplish this. Margo Murray’s book makes this process understandable and provides a very effective roadmap to successful mentoring relationships. The book is an excellent resource for managers, human resource specialists, or anyone who is interested in pursuing a mentoring relationship for career growth.

ISBN: 0-7879-5675-9 Hardcover. 256 Pages. Published by Wiley. 36.00 US dollars.