Book News: January 13th, 2003

By Tom Coens and Mary JenkinsPerformance Appraisals are used in eighty percent of workplaces. Yet, ninety percent of organizations that use appraisal-and a similar percentage of givers and receivers of appraisal-are dissatisfied with the process. Abolishing Performance Appraisals, just released in paperback, offers practical suggestions for replacing performance appraisals with more progressive approaches to feedback and development. Exploring such areas as coaching, compensation, promotion, and legal documentation, this book challenges readers to think about the important questions surrounding the use of appraisal, such as: Why do you use appraisals? Do they accomplish your intended goals? What are their real effects? Do you really need any kind of appraisal system? The bottom line, the authors argue, is that the process of performance appraisal frustrates most employees and managers who use it.

Published by Berrett-Koehler ISBN: 1-57675-200-3. 15.96 US dollars.