Book News: January 29th, 2003

By Mark L Lengnick-Hall and Cynthia A Lengnick-HallMore organizations are recognizing the importance of intellectual capital and knowledge management to success, yet the field of human resource management continues to be criticized for its operational and bureaucratic focus. Human Resource Management in the Knowledge Economy examines how it must change if it is to remain a vital part of the organization. The Lengnick-Halls show how HR departments can move beyond a simple operational focus on attracting, selecting, developing, retaining, and using employees to a more strategic focus on managing human capital and managing knowledge. The authors outline the new roles of human capital steward, knowledge facilitator, relationship builder, and rapid deployment specialist,.that HR must adopt in order to help organizations succeed in this new environment:

Published by Berrett-Koehler.   ISBN: 1-57675-159-7. Price 24.95 US dollars.