Book News: February 13th, 2003

By Peter KrassThis book brings together the essays and speeches of more than 50 legends, past and present. Never before have the writings of such a large and diverse group of legendary leaders been collected between the covers of a book. From leading change to dealing with adversity, creating vision to inspiring employees, the writings contained in this book span the whole range of essential leadership issues. For instance, you’ll hear from Harold Geneen on the difference between leading and commanding, Daniel Guggenheim and William Cooper Procter on the advantages of a democratic workplace, Katherine Graham on the importance of credibility, Jack Welch and Ross Perot on leading in adversity, Ray Kroc on self-appraisal, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield on value-based leadership.

Published by Wiley. . ISBN: 0-471-29455-1. 29.95 US dollars.