Book News: February 19th, 2003

By Hugh Barton, Marcus Grant and Richard Guise,The book provides detailed advice on the practicality of retrofitting towns and cities so that the needs of everybody are recognised, while ensuring sustainable resource management and economic vitality. Many people no longer live their lives locally, and the development trends of the last thirty years have undermined health and quite literally built unsustainability into the fabric of settlements. Sedentary and car-based life styles are being fostered by pedestrian-unfriendly environments and the closure of local facilities, posing a long-term threat to children’s health from growing obesity and inactivity. The new book is a practical guide for all those involved in the development of both rural towns and urban neighbourhoods. It advocates collaborative approaches to decision-making which marry rigorous analysis of problems and potential solutions with proper acceptance of responsibility by all parties.

Published by Spon Press ISBN 0415 260 094. 27.50 pounds