Book News: March 17th, 2003

The New Local Government Network, recruitment consultants Veredus and the Municipal Journal, have published a recruitment pack outlining the key competencies and skills necessary to ensure quality political leadership within the UK’s local authorities. It sets out the context in which council leaders now operate, reflecting on the demanding and challenging nature of the role before offering a detailed profile of the ideal candidate for the job. Aimed at stimulating debate over how to attract and develop local government’s future leaders, the pack calls for a widening of the professionalism that characterises today’s best council leaders and councillors and a more diverse recruitment pool for potential councillors. It also argues for a greater capacity-building role to be played by ODPM and its related agencies, and more so the political parties who should apply the similar processes through which they select potential MPs to identify, nurture and encourage the potential council leaders of tomorrow.The pack is available free of charge from