Book News: March 31st, 2003

By Kurt Sandholtz, Brooklyn Derr, Kathy Buckner, Dawn CarlsonThe book is written specifically for people who want to stay highly involved in both their careers and their personal lives, rather than simplifying or cutting back in some way. It debunks the myth that juggling can ever lead to true balance. It details four alternative strategies people can use to effectively balance their work and personal lives. The authors explain each of the strategies, detail the rewards and drawbacks associated with each, and include case studies of people who have used each method successfully to rebalance their lives. Beyond Juggling includes a self-assessment instrument that readers can use to pinpoint which strategy (or strategies) for work/life balance they are currently using, as well as additional quizzes and checklists to help readers determine which alternative strategies could help reduce the dissonance between their professional and personal lives.

ISBN: 1-57675-130-9. 16.95 US dollars.