Book News: April 11th, 2003

By Ken Blanchard, John P. Carlos and Alan Randolph.

Empowerment is a process that requires ongoing effort, awareness, and commitment to transforming the hierarchy. This essential guide offers managers detailed, hands-on answers to their real-life questions about how they can navigate the journey to empowerment. The book closely examines and expands on the three keys to empowerment: sharing information, creating autonomy through boundaries, and replacing the hierarchy with teams. It clearly outlines the promises and challenges of each stage of the journey, providing managers with thought-provoking questions, clear advice, effective activities, and action tools that will help them create a culture of empowerment. Wherever they are in the journey, managers will find the book offers a clear roadmap.

Published by Berrett Koehler. ISBN: 1-57675-060-4. 20 US dollars.