Book News: April 16th, 2003

By Jack Foster and Larry CorbyThe ability to come up with fresh ideas is critical to success in any venture. Ideas can help people; they can save and fix and create things; they can make things better and cheaper and more useful; they can enlighten and inspire; and they can solve problems. But what is an idea, really? When you get right down to it, an idea is simply a new combination of old information-information you already have.Why, then, in this age where so much information is readily available to us, does the thought of having to come up with ideas on command strike fear into the hearts of so many people? Jack Foster takes the mystery and anxiety out of the idea-generating process. He presents step-by-step guidelines that can help anyone and everyone become a veritable font of ideas. This book shows, in concrete terms, how to create ideas out of the enormous amount of information that is available to us.

Published by Berrett Koehler ISBN: 1-57675-006-X. 14.95 US dollars.