Book News: April 23rd, 2003

By Marshall Sashkin and Molly G SashkinTraditional, “transactional” approaches to leadership involve a kind of contractual arrangement: the leader issues orders and subordinates are expected to carry them out to the best of their abilities. This is fine as far as it goes. Transformational leadership goes a step further. Transformational leaders achieve superior results because of their ability to transform people from dutiful followers into self-directed leaders who go beyond simply doing what is expected of them. Drawing on research that investigates leadership, culture, and performance in dozens of organizations, the Sashkins describe the specific behaviors and personal characteristics of transformational leaders, who make leadership matter. They show how these leaders construct empowering organizational cultures that nurture self-reliance and long-term thinking.

Published by Berrett Kohler. ISBN: 1-57675-193-7. 22.95 US dollars