Book News: June 5th, 2003

By Ken WittyPeter Drucker has been a teacher, writer, and adviser to senior executives for more than fifty years. He has a vision of the social sector as an equal partner of business and government based on the belief that a healthy society requires three vital and effective sectors working together to change lives. He founded the Leader to Leader Institute, formerly the Drucker Foundation, which pursues its mission in three primary goal areas: developing social sector leaders of character and competence; forging cross-sector partnerships that deliver social sector results; and providing leadership resources that engage and inform social sector leaders. This book follows Drucker’s career spanning 75 years. His ground-breaking study of General Motors in the 1940s set in motion a new career as consultant to corporations and father of modern management studies.

Published by Wiley: . ISBN: 0-7879-6856-0. 49.95 US dollars