Book News: July 17th, 2003

By Cindy VentriceThe book describes what employers and employees each expect from recognition, why most recognition efforts miss the mark, and what readers can do to give morale and productivity a genuine, lasting boost. Drawing on dozens of real-life examples, Ventrice shows that effective recognition is more about integrating recognition into the daily routine of the workplace, and less about “special events.” She outlines the key elements of effective recognition – praise, thanks, opportunity, and respect – and explains why good working relationships are at the core of all effective recognition. Make Their Day!! shows how anyone within an organization can contribute to the process of developing recognition practices that are meaningful because they are practical. It will help everyone interested in improving recognition by spending less money to obtain better results.

Published by Berrett Koehler. ISBN: 1-57675-197-X . 18.95 US dollars.