Book News: October 6th, 2003

This practical toolkit identifies partnership at the heart of what constitutes a responsible and successful organisation. The aim of the toolkit is to help organisations manage the change to a style of working that involves and includes all staff. It is a useful tool, providing a menu of ideas for various organisations, both public and private. It may be used by all those involved in improving organisational performance, coordinators of change, team leaders, senior and middle managers, and frontline staff. It illustrates how successful management styles can be developed to ensure everyone is able to contribute to the aims and objectives of their organisation.The five pathways to success support change management, from starting out to moving forward and developing new horizons. The worksheets follow the five main themes: shared goals, culture, learning, effort and information, and provide a prompt for discussion to enable priorities to be set. Each theme is outlined, ideas worth trying are offered, and useful prompts provided in the form of what to avoid, what ought to be considered, and what is essential in taking ideas forward. A self-assessment mapping grid offers a brief assessment of progress within the five pathways.

Published by the DTI. Available to download as a pdf from . See also