Book News: October 29th, 2003

By David ClutterbuckThe book highlights the vital role of the line manager in creating and enforcing policies that encourage work-life balance. This is one of the most important issues currently facing today’s workforce. A recent DTI survey showed that one in three employees would prefer flexible working hours to a 1,000 pounds pay rise. The book sets out what organisations can do about it and how such policies can be successfully implemented. It points out that line managers can be resistant to these policies as they may perceive a lack of support from above or be concerned over consistency – for example can they say yes to one person over part-time working and no to another. Research that showed that only one in four organizations actively encourage line managers to set a personal example of good work-life balance.

Published by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. ISBN 0852929692. 24.99 pounds. Available from 0870 800 3366 or