Book News: February 11th, 2004

By Graham LeeThis book argues that there is a direct relationship between childhood experiences and leadership style. It links rejection in childhood to autocratic and controlling leaders, inconsistent parenting to an ‘easy to please’ style and responsive and encouraging parenting to an empowering leadership style. The author believes that only by stepping into the realm of personal coaching is it possible to harness the passions and convictions that underpin leadership excellence. But he warns that without the right skills and competencies, it is not appropriate for coaches to delve deeply into personal issues with their clients, potentially stirring up issues they are not qualified to handle. He goes on to explain those key competencies required for effective coaches, including ‘psychological mindedness’ which will allow them to engage on personal issues.

Published by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. . ISBN 085292996X. 22.99 pounds.