Book News: February 23rd, 2004

Hardy, B., Hudson, B. & Waddington, EThis self-assessment tool emerged through collaboration between the Department of Health and the NHS Trent Region. It is applicable to many cross-sectoral partnerships, although it was developed in the context of health and social care. It describes the key elements of a partnership profile: recognition and acceptance of the need for partnership; development of clarity and realism of purpose; ensuring commitment and ownership; developing and maintaining trust; creating clear and robust partnership working arrangements and the ability to monitor, measure and learn.

It has been piloted with performance management professionals and used in facilitation workshops to review and plan the process of partnership working. It can be used to anticipate and address barriers to effective partnership working, as well as identifying the areas of difficulty, and can provide the basis for a jointly owned development programme.. It is currently applied in various sectors engaged in partnership working across the UK.

Published by the Nuffield Institute for Health. ISBN 1-900167-95-6

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