Book News: May 18th, 2004

By Clive FletcherThe book is aimed at both HR professionals and line managers and brings fresh insight into how best to implement an appraisal system against a backdrop of 360 degree feedback and increased used of technology to monitor performance, e.g. in call centres. Appraisal has become an emotive word partly because it tends to be done rather poorly and partly because in the public sector it has sometimes been thrust upon employees as part of centralised government policy and target setting. Some people will think of it in terms of painful experiences such as a trip to the dentist. The author argues that appraisal, when carried out effectively is a tremendous motivator, identifies potential and improves organizational performance. The book presents detailed guidance from design, aims and content, through to appraisal as part of performance management, feedback systems, training of managers and appraisal in the public sector.

Published by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. ISBN 1843980290. 26.99 pounds.