Book News: June 22nd, 2004

By R Sarkar and A West.This guide responds to the Government’s initiative towards creating a better system for planning services that involves local people having a chance to say what they want. It aims to offer understanding and encouragement to individuals and community groups about the development of Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) and the formulation of community strategies. It explains the aims of a community strategy and the importance of creating a shared vision by looking ahead at future service needs and developments. The guide identifies where community and voluntary groups fit in, what this means for them, and how they can become involved. It also explains the role of local and regional government. The guide will be useful for members of local communities who may like to become more involved in their area and for discussion within local residents’ groups,playgroups, schools, libraries and carer schemes.

Published by the Community Development Foundation and Urban Forum.

5.95.pounds Available from: CDF Publications Tel: 020 7226 5375 Email: