Book News: August 12th, 2004

By L Boydell.The need for multi-sectoral collaboration is recognised in the health strategies of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This document is based on the experience shared by 31 participants at a workshop organised by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland. The Partnership Framework is a comprehensive guide to the formation of new partnerships to enhance existing efforts and/or evaluate the progress of developing partnerships. It is formed out of the basic elements of foundation, process and impact, and related elements: (i) grounding – building on a bedrock of diverse people, groups and organisations who share a desire to work in a relationship with each other; (ii) core foundation -shared purpose and hoped-for benefits of collaborative efforts; (iii) process and contextual factors -affecting the everyday activities of the collaboration; and (iv) impacts and outcomes – what is achieved, planned and unplanned, by working in collaboration.

The framework is offered as a model to assist with building more effective and sustainable partnerships for people who want to learn to sustain a partnership, and for those who want to make partnerships more effective in realising specific outcomes. It may also be for people who are interested in addressing an array of complex problems that resist simple fixes.

Published by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland. ISBN 0-9540010-0-1.

Available free from the Institute of Public Health. e-mail: