Book News: September 14th, 2004

By David Byrne’Social exclusion’ is the buzz phrase for the complex range of social problems
which derive from the substantial increase in social inequality in Western
societies. This timely and engaging volume examines these problems in societies
where manufacturing industry is no longer the main basis for employment and the
universal welfare states established after the Second World War are under
attack. It reviews theories of social exclusion, including the Christian
democratic and social democratic assertions of solidarity with which the term

Drawing on a wide variety of empirical evidence, the author concludes that the
origins of social exclusion lie with the creation of a new post-industrial order
founded on the exploitation of low paid workers within Western capitalism, and
that social policies have actually helped to create an unequal social order as
opposed to simply reacting to economic forces. He looks at ways of tackling
social exclusion and the problems associated with it.

Published by Open University Press <>
ISBN: 0335199747. 19.99 pounds.