Book News: October 4th, 2004

This report from the e-Government Strategic Support Unit in the Local Government Improvement and Development Agency was commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as a contribution to thinking about the nature of ‘people issues’ and the capacity building challenges facing local councils. Earlier research had identified the critical relationship between business improvement and technology and found that many councils lacked skills in understanding business processes and in being able to map them and redesign service processes. This report reveals that most heads of ICT in councils moved into the role because they already headed the technology division. The result is that there are deficits in generic leadership and change management competencies.The report identifies a number of e-government progress blockers. They include a lack of understanding and awareness of the potential of e-government agenda and the role of technology in business improvement, lack of agreed corporate vision or strategy, inadequate change management, initiative overload and poor programme management. It suggests approaches for overcoming the blockages.

The report is published by the Improvement and Development Agency and is available at: