Book News: October 6th, 2004

This OECD report compares international levels of participation, attainment and spending among OECD member states. It shows that the UK invests heavily in early years provision compared to other OECD countries and participation in education by under-fives is high, with 81% of three to four year olds taking part. In primary and secondary education the UK enjoys an above average position for literacy and science at age 15. Performance in mathematics is also above average. The report highlights the continuing historical challenge of getting more 17-year-olds to stay in full-time education, but also shows that the number of adult learners is above the OECD average. The UK has the highest number of 30-39-year-olds in formal education of all the countries that the study observed and above average numbers engaged in workplace training.The report ‘Education at a glance 2004 – OECD Indicators 2004’ is published by the OECD and is available from +33 1 4524 9366.