Book News: November 15th, 2004

1Edited by Mary GriffithsMost of the resource material published for trainers is set in a commercial context. Mary Griffiths was asked by the publisher to select and modify suitable activities from their existing training resources programme. The result is a collection of 40 activities tailored to the needs of trainers working in a public sector environment. In line with current priorities in the public sector, the focus is on implementing change and improving team performance. The exercises deal with both understanding and skills. The activities are trainer-led group events with the accent on participation and ‘learning by doing’. Each contains detailed guidance for the trainer and ready-to-copy masters for OHPs and any handouts required by the participants. The topics covered include: the challenge of change: turning crisis into opportunity; understanding reaction to change; adjusting to the phases of transition and heightening awareness of organizational culture.

Published by Gower ISBN: 0 566 07651 9. 150 pounds.