Book News: December 6th, 2004

This report from the National Audit Office looks at the relationship between the Home Office and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships. It notes that many of the crime reduction projects funded by the Home Office, such as initiatives focused on potential and known offenders, have been innovative and successful in reducing crime. But it expresses concern about excessive bureaucracy. Resources have too often been tied up dealing with administration of different grant conditions imposed by the Home Office and other Departments. Smaller Partnerships spent a higher proportion of their grant monies on staff costs. Improvements depend on the Home Office encouraging neighbouring partnerships to communicate and collaborate more and by simplifying grant procedures to reduce the administrative burden.In a move to reduce bureaucracy pilot delivery agreements have been set up with two councils in which a range of separate grants have been pooled and a greatly simplified performance management system introduced. Two further initiatives to reduce bureaucracy will be launched in 2005-06. The Home Office also plans to merge a number of separate streams of funding with funding streams from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to create a single Safer and Stronger Communities Fund.

Reducing Crime: the Home Office working with Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships is available at: