Book News: December 13th, 2004

This paper from the Department for Trade and Industry describes how broadband content can aid the delivery of regional and devolved administration’s economic strategies. Broadband will impact on all aspects of the economy, affecting growth, productivity and competitiveness and is seen by some as having the potential to equal the advent of the railways, the passenger jet or even domestic electricity in terms of its impact. The four target markets where broadband content can effectively influence regional economic strategies have been identified as business, learning, public sector and community.The public sector has a major role, both as a large scale customer and as a channel for aggregation of broadband demand, pushing broadband usage and capacity to new levels. In partnership with the private sector there are huge opportunities in areas such as eHealth and eGovernment to drive up the efficiency of the public sector and to improve the service that the public sector provides to citizens. The paper recognises that many of the skills needed to properly commission broadband content and applications are currently in short supply within the public sector, and this is one of the areas where effective action might be taken.

Benefits to communities include inclusion and empowerment. The potential is there to stimulate social and economic activity in line with economic strategies, and help to preserve the vitality and life of communities. This includes promoting opportunities in remote rural areas. The paper recommends a number of focused actions to drive this forward.

The paper is available at: