Book News: January 25th, 2005

This programme is now available to view on, the online television channel for public service modernisation. It is also available on video CD. The programme looks at the preparedness of public bodies for Freedom of Information, focussing on the procedures and systems required to serve information requests. The effects of FoI are also evaluated and advice and support is offered from those Government bodies heading Freedom of Information.A panel discusses how the Freedom of Information Act will be used and how it will affect public bodies, their public reputation and internal operations. The panel considers the range of requests that might be received and how they can be managed from publication schemes to evaluating exemptions. What further support and guidance might be provided by the Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Information Commissioner and what further procedures and systems can be applied to reduce the overhead of FoI management.

eGovTV is a dedicated web-cast television channel for senior executives across all public sector organisations and is available free to an unlimited audience at anytime, at any location via the internet.

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