Book News: February 7th, 2005

The guidelines have been created for central government, local government, non-departmental public bodies and agencies and they provide assistance to those facing the challenge of electronically enabling public services. The document is designed to help providers to develop coherent service delivery strategies that encourage high take-up of electronic services, achieve cost savings and deliver better quality public services. It also seeks to increase understanding of the impact a multi-channel service delivery strategy has on public service providers. It explains the link between existing Public Service Agreement targets around electronic service delivery and recommendations of the Gershon Efficiency Review.The guidelines describe business transformation as a prerequisite for realising the benefits e-government. Managing the change in service delivery will impact the provider strategically as well as operationally. Each provider should consider how to developing its people skills and job roles and how to align and restructure its business processes to support business transformation.

The Guide is published by the Cabinet Office and is available at: