Book News: February 10th, 2005

This new publication addresses how New Localist thinking is impacting upon front-line delivery of public services and features a range of essays from key practitioners and thinkers working in transport, education, the tackling of anti-social behavour and housing for sustainable communities.Public service policy generally is undergoing a process of transformation, with autonomy from central control being increasingly desired. In transport and housing for sustainable communities, the centre of gravity is shifting towards the strategic regional tier. In education, the move is towards more autonomy for schools and less financial clout with Local Education Authorities. In the world of crime, anti-social behaviour and policing the move is now towards increasing community accountability and responsiveness. The authors explore how the plates are shifting in different ways in different policy areas. They conclude that New Localism is both a philosophy for decentralisation and an architecture for delivering improved public services. Contributors include transport experts David Begg and Stephen Joseph, Schools adviser David Woods, anti-social behaviour supremo Louise Casey and the ODPM’s sustainable communities director Richard McCarthy.

New Localism in Action is published by the New Local Government Network and is available from York Publishing Services at 26.25 pounds. Tel: 01904 431213. Fax: 01904 430868. E-mail: