Book News: March 17th, 2005

This report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development highlights the contribution that the effective use of e-learning can make to including people with disabilities in the labour market. It also deals with related issues such as skills shortages, the growing number of people in the UK unable to work and the impact of future legislation on employing people with disabilities.Many of the participants in the research felt the Government needed to do more to drive better accessibility in e-learning, particularly if there is a genuine desire to deliver on commitments to reduce inequality and get more people off long-term sick benefits and back to work. According to the report, the Government should raise awareness of the issue of access for people with disabilities to learning opportunities, and e-learning in particular. It should also provide more support for employers, in terms of advice and financial incentives, to make e-learning content more accessible. People management professionals have a key role to play in raising awareness of this issue.

The report is available at: