Book News: March 22nd, 2005

By Kees van der HeijdenScenario planning allows organizations to move away from linear thinking and better understand external change. It provides a way to look at the possible futures for the medium and long term. While the future always remains unknown, thinking about it in a structured way reveals the type and scale of potential challenges that the organisation may be faced with and this prompts a look at the adequacy of the current strategy to respond.

Eight years, and 30,000 copies, after publication Scenarios is still acknowledged as the definitive work in the field. Now, Kees van der Heijden brings his bestseller up to date, following up on his original case studies and adding significant new material. The Second Edition changes focus slightly by providing more in-depth analysis and application of the concept of the ‘strategic conversation’. While maintaining the underlying rigour of the first edition, van der Heijden revisits the text to make it far more practical and accessible, and in doing so provides the tools needed to set out and negotiate a successful future course for the organization in the face of significant uncertainty.

Published by Jossey Bass. ISBN: 0-470-02368-6. 34.95 US dollars.