Book News: March 31st, 2005

This document from the Department of Health sets out the ambition to change the system of healthcare so that there is more choice, more personalised care, real empowerment of people to improve their health and a fundamental change in relationships between patients and professionals. This involves moving from a service that does things to and for its patients to one which is patient led, where the service works with patients to support them with their health needs.To achieve this ambition there needs to be feedback and learning on a service wide basis. It needs to involve patients, professionals and partner organisations. It also needs to be done locally while being brought together nationally. The National Leadership Network for Health and Social Care will play a key role in taking forward the work, collecting feedback and shaping the way change is implemented. The full proposals will be published shortly in a Green Paper.

This document outlines action for local and national leaders. There will be a programme of work for the national issues, delivered mainly through the National Leadership Network for Health and Social Care and steered by the Department of Health.

The document, which is part of Delivering the NHS Improvement Plan, is available at: