Book News: April 19th, 2005

This guide from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development explains what managing diversity is and why it is important. It uses case studies to illustrate the business case for action and suggests practical ways of making progress. Failure to get to grips with managing diversity puts organisations at risk, with legislation placing no limit on how much an employment tribunal may rule an organisation to pay if they are found guilty of discriminating against someone. But the damage caused through a failure to reap the benefits of effective diversity management could cost organisations even more dearly than tribunal payouts.The guide explains that diversity plays an essential role in tackling skills shortages, helping organisations retain knowledge and experience, widening the recruitment base, and providing a better customer service. However, diversity can also cause tensions between people and have a negative impact on organisations by triggering poor performance and lack of motivation, unless diversity is carefully managed. Diversity is about valuing everyone as an individual. Managing diversity is central to good people management and it is relevant to the way organisations do business in all sorts of ways. The challenge is to create a culture in which everyone feels valued so they give their best in their jobs.

‘Managing Diversity: People make the difference at work – but everyone is different’ is available at: