Book News: May 24th, 2005

By Michael Hunt and Barry J. O’Toole.The public service in the United Kingdom and in other parts of the world has been subject to more than fifteen years of constant reform. These reforms have raised numerous questions about the role of the public service in western political systems, the most important of which might be termed ethical questions. The questions are concerned essentially about the relationships between citizens and their governments and the roles and duties of politicians and officials in the aims, organisation and management of government. These questions raise further issues about leadership, both political and administrative and about the type of people who exercise leadership in our political and administrative systems.

The three elements of this book, Reform, Ethics and Leadership, have traditionally been treated separately. The particular value of this book is that it recognises their inter-relationships and, through contributions from scholars in Britain and overseas, provides a contemporary perspective as well as drawing on the past.

Published by Gower. ISBN: 1 84014 107 7. 55.00 pounds.