Book News: June 2nd, 2005

This toolkit offers support and guidance, a few nuts and bolts and tips for framing out a structure built on community cohesion practice and principles. It will also assist in meeting obligations under various legislative frameworks including: the Race Relations Amendment Act, Disability Discrimination Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Gender Recognition Act and legislation covering religious belief and sexuality. It recognises that there is no one blueprint that is appropriate for all.The toolkit acknowledges the breadth of diversity among grant making organisations while providing practical information and tools to assist at every stage of the building process. It takes the talk to another level, to walk the walk of inclusion by encouraging others to think about and pursue diversity in both their internal organisation and their external work as grant-makers.

The toolkit is a live document to be updated over time. It examines the barriers and key issues for cohesion. It also drills down from service delivery into focussing on embedding community cohesion within delivering and managing programmes and provides a detailed case study of a Neighbourhood Renewal initiative with a checklist and action points that can be applied to other programmes.

The toolkit is available at: