Book News: June 14th, 2005

By John GrahamStick Your Neck Out is a comprehensive and practical guide to the skills, qualities, and strategies you need to make a difference, covering every aspect of working for change-from choosing an issue to mapping out a plan, creating a vision of success, organizing a team, building trust, resolving conflicts, working with the media, moving through bureaucracies, setting legal strategies, and more. Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples, this book provides the missing link between ideas and ideals on one hand, and effective action on the other.

It is an eminently practical and inspiring guide to working effectively for change in your community and beyond. John Graham draws on his own extensive experiences as an activist and negotiator, as well as on the advice of other seasoned activists around the world. Dozens of real-life stories-of artists, truck drivers, doctors, waitresses, and others-show how citizens have successfully taken on problems like poverty, racism, gang violence, environmental pollution, and many others.

Published by Berrett Koehler. ISBN: 1576753042. 11.96 US Dollars.